Virgin America

January 27, 2016

Illustration for Virgin America Elevate Program



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A versatile and creative "design multidisciplinary"​ with over 15 years experience working for both digital and traditional agencies.

I have enjoyed success in the roles of both Art and Creative Director, with a very hands-on approach to the creative. I enjoy vibrant teams and working with people who also love what they do. I look forward to joining forces with my team every day for the simple reason that it is never, ever boring.

Constantly chasing the big idea.

Simply stated, I want to do  amazing work with talented and interesting people. I love, in no particular order, coffee, listening to podcasts, brainstorms, thunderstorms, illustrating, cartooning, painting, classic cars, and many different genres of music.


Currently: ECD & Partner at The Idealistic Creative Marketing

Favorite Quote:

"What's behind you doesn't matter."​ - Enzo Ferrari

EMAIL | (623) 606-5448